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Our Birds

Our birds are our family and each and every one is special to us. We feed a top quality diet consisting of pellets, seed, and daily fresh foods. They are kept supplies with a wide variety of toys. We maintain a clean, bright and cheery atmosphere and it shows!


We breed or may have available many different types of birds. Here are some of our favorites:


Zebra Finches (lots of interesting colors)
Society Finches (many colors)
Java Finches (normals, pieds, fawns and whites)
A wide variety of Finches

Red and Yellow Canaries

Peachface Lovebirds (color mutations including Lutino, Dutch Blue, Whiteface, Creamino, Cinnamons, Violets, Stales, Pieds

and more)
Masked and Fishers Lovebirds

Pacific Parrotlets (Green and Pastel Blue)

Parakeets (many fancy colors)

English Budgies
Grass Keets (Rosey Bourkes)
Indian Ringneck Parakeets
Barnard (Melee) Parakeets



Quakers (Normals and Blues)

Green Cheek Conures (many color varieties)
Dusky headed Conures
Black Capped Conures
Sun Conures
Jenday Conures
Blue Crown Conures
Nanday Conures

Red Bellied Parrots
Brown Headed Parrots
Congo African Greys

Timneh African Greys

Ringneck Doves (Normals and Apricots) 

Amazon Parrots

Finches to Parrots

We are very dedicated to breeding happy, healthy, well-adjusted birds. 


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All our babies are raised with love, attention and socialization. We don't hurry through our babies- we spend time with them. Every one is special, whether that baby is a parakeet or a cockatoo. We know that no matter what kind of bird we are raising, they will be a special member of your family- and that matters to us!

All our birds are fed a high quality diet consisting of seed, pellets and daily fresh foods. Babies are weaned onto this diet as well, making it easier for you to continue feeding them appropriately.

Every baby starts out as a member of our family, and we love to keep it that way. We are always there for our customers if you need help or advice any time with your new baby.

If you are considering adding a new baby bird to your family, we would love to talk to you! Please feel free to email or call us and we can help find the right bird for you and your lifestyle. 

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